What is JNB Music?

What is JNB Music?

Hi Guys, this is my first blog on our new website for our new company and without gushing I want to say how proud I am that after 18 months of pretty much our blood sweat and tears…..we are finally launching this blog, our website, our company, our app and a new music brand!

When writing this blog, the founder and myself had many ‘academic’ discussions about what this blog should be about. I am always the first to admit that being authentic original and interesting is important but adding a side of business to this is also important. The Founder is much more personal and the non-corporate person in our company so his idea of a blog will be very different to mine. This also has its advantages and disadvantages, more on that to come later.

So lets answer the first question on the title of my blog. What is JNB Music?

The short answer is, it’s an app that allows you to interact with music in a public space.

Sounds simple enough right……

You go to a cool restaurant, bar or coffee shop. You are getting your hair done at your favorite hair salon or you´re working out at the gym…..where ever you are in a public space where music is being played.

You see this sign “choose the music in this venue, download this app for free” You download the app, you then see the playlist of the music for that venue and you can actually click on any of the track titles on that playlist, kinda like the heart functionality on other social platforms. Once you have clicked on that track the system converts that into a vote, the track with the most votes plays next. If lots of people are voting for tracks in the venue it will be based on the most votes, so what the crowd wants to hear plays next. That’s it. Simple, intuitive and cool.

Yes its just like the old fashioned jukebox but on your device and FREE!!!!!

I want to share with you many other parts of the idea but I think that is quite enough for my first blog. Watch this space for all sorts of things relating to music, female founders, working in a start up, the music business and a little bit about the corporate side of JNB Music

Welcome to our company, welcome to my blog and I look forward to hearing your comments and having you all on this journey with me and the JNB team

Love Debs x

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