Passion: It will cost you

Passion: It will cost you

When we are children almost all of us want to be like the people we see on TV. From Sports stars and astronauts to lawyers and doctor, all these kinds of jobs are recognized by society and come well paid. To arrive at that level (as is well known by those people who achieve that) you will spend hours, days, weeks, months and years studying, training or perhaps both. Most of this time you are far from your family or friends and the worst is that your family and friends could misunderstand your intentions all together. There is only one-way that you can get through all of this and achieve what you want, and that is by having passion. The secret of success is passion.

In the end only a few privileged individuals will achieve what they wanted when they were young.

If some of you have an idea and want to make a start up, congratulations. You have to be ready to spend hours, days, weeks, months and years thinking about it. You will loose your money and if you are lucky also the money of your family friends and investors. Some people will call you crazy and that your ideas are crazy other people will simply not even show up to meetings where you spent you last dollars to get those meetings.

People in your team will leave you, some people will copy your idea. You might even have to become a waiter as you run out of money. You will also have problems registering domain names or trademarks company paper work etc etc. So basically you will only have problems on top of problems. BUT if you achieve to convince a few people to share you vision and passion, then no one can stop you.

That and much more is what happened to me and I still don’t make a single euro in revenue in this business after 4 years. But I still wake up with the same energy and drive as I did 4 years ago when I first thought of the idea JNB Music. That my friends, is passion!

This is what I want to do, its what makes me happy and is what makes me wake me up every day, 365 days a year.

My passion is to be an entrepreneur and this is what I am. Never ever start a start up for money just do it for passion.

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