1. Property and finality of this Website

This Website and its Internet Domain ( belong to JNB MUSIC LIMITED. (from now on,“JNB MUSIC”), which business address is at Guinness Enterprise Centre, Taylors Lane, Dublin 8, Ireland, with contact telephone number +3535 89983 3360 and contact E-Mail address

The finality of this Website is to inform about the products and services offered by JNB MUSIC, including the download of an App belonging to JNB MUSIC (from now on,“The App”).

2. Acceptation of this Website’s user terms and conditions

The Access of the users to the Website implies the full acceptance by them of the users terms and conditions established in this Legal Advice, and also the full acceptance by their users of the terms and conditions established in the Privacy Policy which appears on the Website and also in the Licensed Application End User License, in the case the users download it (from now on the “Terms and Conditions”). Also, the users will undertake to make diligent use of this Website, without violating current legislation, good faith, generally accepted uses or public order.

3. Reserves of the faculty of modification of the use’s terms and conditions of this Website

JNB MUSIC reserves the right to modify and update the Terms and Conditions, at any time and without prior notice. Because of that, JNB MUSIC recommends the users of this Website to periodically review the Terms and Conditions.

4. Rights and juridical positions on the contents integrated in this Website

Definition of the term“contents”:

The term “contents”refers to all the contents that make up this Website, defined as contents, including but not limited, the font code, the design and the Website and App navigation structure, and also the distinguishing signs, the data bases, the photography’s , the designs and the texts that are displayed in the at Website.

Rights and juridical positions on contents incorporated by JNB MUSIC:

The contents of this Website incorporated by JNB MUSIC are object of intellectual property rights,industrial property rights and/or juridical positions of the same ownership of JNB MUSIC or third parties to whom the pertinent licencesor authorisations have been issued. Consequently, the Access to this Website does not give to the users ownership or rights of use on the referred contents (by, within other means, their reproduction,distribution, public communication, or to grant the public access or transformation), except in the case in which, by written express and prior permission of JNB MUSIC or the third party owners of the rights and or juridical positions in question, allow it, whether indicating it in this Website or through the licenses or authorisations in writing.

Consequently, JNB MUSIC reserves the right to use watermarks, technological appliances or other security means that allow the tracking or monitoring on line of the non authorised uses of such contents, and in all JNB MUSIC reserves the right to take the corresponding legal action against the users which do not respect intellectual property rights, industrial property rights and/or juridical positions of the same ownership.

5. Means to notify the supposed breach of rights and juridical positions of users and other persons.

Any user of this Website or any other person that considers that any of the contents of this Website are violating their legal rights and or/legal position, can inform on the supposed violation to JNB MUSIC,by sending an E-Mail to the address:

For a right evaluation by JNB MUSIC, the person who sends a report should provide the following information:

1.Name and Surname, zip code, telephone and contact E-Mail address.

2.Detailed explanation of the supposed violation of legal rights and or/ legal position.

Also, the person who sends a report to JNB MUSIC should present the following issues:

1. That the information included in the report is exact and true.

2. That he or she is the person entitled to file a complaint.

3. In the case of JNB MUSIC has to retire the contents and afterwards it is proved that the complaint filed was false or inaccurate and /or the person filing the complaint was not entitled to do so, JNB MUSIC assumes no responsibility, and shall not be liable for any damages or any other consequences that may arise of retiring such contents.

JNB MUSIC will analyse the reports received, will evaluate them and will make a well considered decision on the removal or not of the contents in question. When JNB MUSIC consider that the information received in a report has not been sufficiently completed and or clear enough, within other factors, to evaluate, will communicate it in writing to the person sending the report, requesting more information and /or to use the legal means available – such as, to file a complaint before the corresponding judicial and police organisation, with the intent of clearing if there has been or not a violation of their legal rights and or /legal position.

6. Exclusion right

JNB MUSIC reserves the right to deny, and without prior notice, at any time and which is established definitely or temporarily, the access to this Website to those users that JNB MUSIC in its opinion fail to comply with the Terms and Conditions.

7. Responsibilities

Conducts of the users of this Website:

JNB MUSIC shall not be responsible for the damages and injury of any kind that result from the users breach of the Terms and Conditions.

JNB MUSIC shall not be responsible for the damages and injury of any kind that result from the not availability of this Website or its contents due to technical reasons, security or control reasons due to errors due to the servers or third intermediaries or suppliers.

JNB MUSIC shall not be responsible for the damages and injury of any kind caused to the users from this Website due to software, viruses or any other elements or any other factors beyond their control. JNB MUSIC does not exercise any control over the services, the products, the contents and or other elements to which the users of this Website could access through the technical devices from links, directories or any other means included in this Website, having been incorporated whether by JNB MUSIC or by users of this Website. Thus, JNB MUSIC shall not be responsible of the technical availability, quality or accuracy, among others, of the services, products, contents and/ or other elements to which they have acceded, neither for the damages and injury of any kind caused as a consequence of their use.

8. Links authorisation

Any third party link to this Website has to be at the main page, and will be expressly forbidden the deep links the framing and any other profiteering of this Website contents by third parties which have not been previously authorised in writing by JNB MUSIC.

In the sameway, JNB MUSIC expressly forbids the creation of links from Websites with contents referring to xenophobic, racists, pornographic or violent materials or materials which are in any other way may have detrimental effects to minors or failure to comply with the generally accepted moral codes, norms of good behaviour and public order.

9. Cookies Policy

This Website is allowed to use cookies, so to say, little data folders which generate in computers and in other mobile or electronic gadgets from which the users accede to this Website, and that allow, among others, to obtain information about the date and time when the user accedes this Website and about the contents selected by the users. Users can prevent the generation of cookies by selecting the corresponding option in their navigation system, even when by blocking them they could affect to the proper functioning of this Website.

10. Applicable law and jurisdiction

These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by Irish law.

In case of complaint from the users of this Website towards JNB MUSIC, the users are subject to Irish law, with an express waiver of any other jurisdiction, to the aforementioned tribunals and courts.

In case of complaint by JNB MUSIC against the users of this Website, the users accept that JNB MUSIC could start what legal actions deems convenient seeking to apply under the scheme which is most advantageous, such as, among others, the place of residence of the users.